This week on our interview-based podcast, we welcome Dr. Jennifer Bourgeois, a professor of Criminal Justice and a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Justice Research. She is also a facilitator for Prison Yoga Project!

We were so lucky to sit down with Dr. Jenn and learn more about her work and incredible commitment to study she has dedicated over the past decade. Dr. Bourgeois has made it part of her mission to bring yoga and trauma-informed care to incarcerated and justice-involved mothers. Through her research, she has examined the relationship between parental status, race, gender, age and arresting charges and highlighted the need for transformative justice and alternatives to incarceration. Join us as Dr. Bourgeois shares her work teaching yoga at Santa Maria Hostel, a residential and outpatient substance use disorder treatment center in Houston, Texas, where she facilitates yoga with justice-involved mothers to support their recovery and foster life skills. Don’t miss this inspiring conversation on the intersection of yoga and social justice.

How to get into contact with Dr. Jennifer Bourgeois: