Meet our team of change makers at Prison Yoga Project — a diverse group of passionate individuals from around the world, united in their commitment to transform lives within the prison system through the power of trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness. Each 
person brings unique expertise and a shared vision for creating lasting, positive change in their communities.

North America

James Fox - Founding Director Prison Yoga Project
James Fox
Founding Director
Nicole Hellthatler, Co Executive Director Prison Yoga Project
Nicole Hellthaler
Executive Director
Bill Brown, Co Executive Director Prison Yoga Project
Bill Brown
Director of Programs, Publishing & Advocacy
Blaire Embrey PYP
Blaire Embrey
Marketing & Communications Manager
Priscilla Castro PYP
Priscilla Castro
Program & Training Operation Manager
Jen Lindgren PYP
Jen Lindgren
Senior Trainer, Program Director - New Hampshire
Gabrielle Blue PYP
Gabrielle Blue
California Program Manager
Kim Peacock Prison Yoga Project
Kim Peacock
PYP Canada – Director

Latin America

Luisa Perez Escobedo PYP
Luisa Perez Escobedo
PYP Mexico – Director
Juan Martinez PYP
Juan Fco Martinez
PYP Costa Rica – Director

South America

Amma Fandiño_Colombia
Amma Fandiño
PYP Colombia – Director


Josefin Wikstrom PYP
Josefin Wikström
Program Director & Training Coordinator, Europe
Geoff O'Meara PYP
Geoff O'Meara
PYP UK – Director
Carolien Pentinga PYP
Carolien Pentinga
PYP Netherlands – Director
Inez Aires PYP Portugal
Inez Aires
PYP Portugal – Director
Marcella Vianna PYP Portugal
Marcella Vianna
PYP Portugal – General Manager
Benito Bermudez Holguis
PYP Spain – Director


Sonia Brown-Diaz PYP
Sonia Brown-Diaz
PYP Australia – Director


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The systemic and cultural shift we seek is rooted in the philosophy of Restorative Justice.

Prison Yoga Project seeks a cultural shift toward a healing-centered approach to addressing crime, substance use disorder, and mental illness. We honor the human dignity of all people impacted by punitive incarceration by offering trauma-informed yoga and embodied mindfulness to heal trauma and cultivate resilience.

Prison Yoga Project teaching mens' prison