Our trauma-informed framework is evidence-based and designed to mitigate risk, ensuring a skilled and supportive environment for healing. Individuals within the correctional system often carry the weight of past traumas, which can be exacerbated by their experiences within the system.

Our trauma-informed framework is evidence-based and designed to mitigate risk, ensuring a secure and healing setting. Our methodology enables participants to safely explore their physical and emotional boundaries, fostering autonomy and a path towards self-directed healing.

At Prison Yoga Project, our expertise is rooted in years of dedicated practice, research, and collaboration with professionals across the fields of criminal justice, psychology, and trauma recovery.

PYP trauma-informed yoga Program

Our team is comprised of seasoned yoga facilitators, therapists, and advocates who specialize in trauma-informed care, ensuring that our programs are not only effective but also grounded in the latest scientific evidence and best practices. This unique blend of knowledge, experience, and compassion positions us as leaders in the integration of yoga and mindfulness within the rehabilitation and recovery processes, making us trusted experts committed to fostering healing and transformation within the criminal justice system.

We advocate for a transformative shift in our culture, from punitive judgement to compassion-based approaches. By investing in healing over punishment, we strive to break the cycles that perpetuate suffering.

Why use trauma-informed yoga for rehabilitation?

Healing Over "Fixing"

We recognize that trauma, including social causes and conditions such as poverty, racism, and gender discrimination, is a primary driver of harm in our society. This translates to our programs creating a nurturing space that fosters healing and empowers individuals. Rather than seeking to ‘fix’ our participants by focusing on what’s perceived as wrong, we offer tools and skills for their healing journey,

Evidence-Based Methodology

Our commitment to learning is unwavering, and our practices are rooted in time-tested traditions supported by contemporary scientific knowledge. We continuously integrate the latest research to ensure our approaches are both effective and innovative, blending the wisdom of ancient techniques with modern evidence-based practices. This fusion allows us to provide a holistic and informed framework that meets the diverse needs of those we serve, promoting resilience, growth, and long-term well-being.

Non-Judgmental Support

We firmly believe that healing starts at the somatic level, providing opportunities where individuals feel secure in their environment to rewire their behavior and nervous system. We approach all sessions with the idea that everyone is capable of transformation through the worldview of unconditional positive regard for all people.


Our programs cultivate deeper self-awareness and self-acceptance, fostering a greater sense of empathy and understanding towards others. Through this process, participants learn to regulate their emotions more effectively and build stronger connections with those around them. By enhancing self-regulation and emotional intelligence, our programs empower individuals to navigate their personal and interpersonal challenges with greater resilience and insight.

Increased Awareness

We help participants understand the origins of harm and self-harm, including substance use, while encouraging greater personal accountability. Our approach empowers individuals to recognize and address the underlying issues that contribute to these behaviors. By fostering self-awareness and responsibility, we support participants in making healthier choices and developing more constructive coping strategies.

Every breath is an opportunity to be better and yoga pushes me to realize that I have millions of alternatives to help myself and others.

RJ Donovan State Prison, San Diego, CA

Discover the Transformative Power of Trauma-Informed Yoga

At Prison Yoga Project, we embrace trauma-informed yoga as a holistic pathway to healing, transcending beyond mere physicality to the realms of mental, emotional, and social well-being. Our yoga is a journey, not just a practice, designed to nurture the whole person.

PYP trauma informed yoga


Enhanced Emotional Regulation

Our practices help individuals develop greater emotional stability and resilience, enabling them to manage stress, anxiety, and negative emotions more effectively.

Increased Self-Awareness & Mindfulness

Participants learn to observe their thoughts and feelings without judgment, fostering a deeper sense of inner peace and present-moment awareness.

Community & Connection

By practicing in a group setting, individuals can experience a sense of belonging and support, crucial for building empathy and social connections.

Physical Health & Well-Being

The gentle physical movements improve flexibility, strength, and overall physical health, which can be particularly beneficial for those dealing with chronic pain or stress-related health issues.

Empowerment & Agency

Trauma-informed yoga encourages personal choice and autonomy, allowing participants to explore movements and breath work in ways that feel safe and comfortable for them, thereby reclaiming a sense of agency over their bodies and lives.

Our Commitment to Transformation

At Prison Yoga Project, our work extends far beyond individual sessions. We’re dedicated to expanding the reach of trauma-informed yoga because we believe in its ability to drive meaningful change. This isn’t just about personal growth; it’s about impacting the broader systems we all navigate.

Become part of this movement with us. Together, we can explore how trauma-informed yoga can open doors to healing and personal empowerment.

How to Get Involved

Together, we can change society’s perspective on the root causes of harm, addressing issues at their source and breaking the cycles that perpetuate suffering. Join us in creating a society that values holistic well-being, compassion, and resilience as the pathway to lasting transformation.

Get Trauma-Informed Training

Our training at Prison Yoga Project is crafted by subject matter experts, blending evidence-based tools with lived experience to provide comprehensive knowledge of trauma-informed yoga practices. It is the first step for those who want to become a PYP Facilitator.

Get PYP in Your Facility

Looking to bring PYP to your facility? We assist prisons, jails, government agencies, private entities, and individuals in establishing trauma-informed, mindfulness-based programs in your community.