PYP Facilitator Highlight: Jennifer Bourgeois

Jennifer Bourgeois, Ph.D., a member of the PYP Facilitator Community, recently wrote a blog post for the Black Yoga Teacher’s Association (BYTA), sharing her goal to provide accessible wellness programs to system-impacted people in Houston! She is a professor of criminal justice and provides yoga to incarcerated pregnant and postpartum women. BYTA was kind enough […]

Sign the #EndTheException Petition to Finally Abolish Slavery in the US

Floridian convicts leased to harvest timber in the mid-1910s.

A recent article from the Guardian, ‘Slavery by any name is wrong’: the push to end unpaid labor in prisons, talks about the injustice of incarcerated people’s forced/coerced, unpaid labor. It buries the call to action, so we thought we’d highlight that here. Please consider signing this petition to the US Congress to consider legislation […]

Call to Action: Stop Deportation for our PYP Community Member, Phoeun You

Phoeun You is a Cambodian genocide survivor and refugee who grew up in Long Beach, CA. His family survived the Cambodian genocide by fleeing to a refugee camp in Thailand. Upon arriving to the U.S. as a child, Phoeun faced discrimination as an immigrant. His family endured poverty and  violence living in Long Beach. Phoeun […]

My Why

It was 100 degrees when I pulled into Folsom.  When I opened my car door, the heat nearly knocked me over. The constant whomp-whomp of the swamp cooler provided a noisy soundtrack while circulating hot air in the gym. As the guys filtered in, I introduced myself and ask them a few questions about their […]

Open Prisons: Trust-Based Incarceration

In this article we see new and successful ways of working with incarcerated populations rooted in dignity. There is still more to be understood with this system and why people that commit low level crimes are incarcerated in the first place, but this opens the possibility and the ideas of new framework and new ways […]

The Invitation – The Leap of Beginning with Kristin Varner

PYP Invitation

Join us in our webinar where we bring on all of our program directors and facilitators throughout the world. We are so lucky to sit down with Kristin Varner. Kristin loves yoga and loves sharing what she loves after practicing yoga and law for two decades, she combined her passion for yoga and advocacy to […]

Transformative Justice, Organizing, and College Courses

Ohio University added a new course for their students, offering a fresh perspective to social justice. “The course is to show students how to examine what social, legal and cultural systems and institutions currently do—and if they might want them to change to produce different outcomes. Her students might be observers or actors in today’s […]

Tale of Two Graduates: Emma and Paige

PYP Two Grads

Witness two graduates of our 200-hour YTT Yoga, Social Justice, and Leadership discuss what they loved about our training and what motivated them to study with Prison Yoga Project. Listen to their testimonial today to learn more about our training program!

FUTURES with guest Rebecca Cervenak, PYP-OH Program Director

PYP Futures Rebecca

Sit with us as we welcome to Rebecca Cervenak, PYP-OH Program Director, FUTURES – our summer and fall programming where we talk about youth justice and youth advocacy.