We’re well aware that our work has a positive impact on participants, and a growing number of studies illustrate this. Sometimes though, we learn of the lasting benefits from former participants, post-incarceration. When we do, it gives us a reason to celebrate. We’d like to share one of those stories with you today.

Kimini Randall spent 23 years in California State Prisons, several at San Quentin, where he became involved in our yoga program. Eventually, he was transferred, first to one prison and then another. After his transfer, other than occasional letters, we didn’t have much contact.

“I find myself these days out here in society, having to breathe with intentions more than I’ve ever had to.”

Kimini was finally released from Soledad Prison this past June. We’ve been back in touch because he‘s been living in Oakland. It wasn’t until we sat down to chat via Zoom that I became fully aware of the profound impact our program had on him. Please watch our short video from that conversation with him, and follow-up clips of James Fox and Chanda Williams, our Program Director for California.

Listen to the another full conversation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81lP3a4j0mQ