Meet Lori Collins, Prison Yoga Project scholarship recipient, YTT graduate, and facilitator.

She’s shining example of how your support for our scholarship fund translates into healing for whole communities. More than any other factor, what enables our continued growth is the availability of well-qualified teachers.

We awarded over $120,000 in scholarships for our trainings in 2023, primarily for our unique 200-hour yoga teacher certification, Yoga, Social Justice, and Leadership. Your support is essential for the sustained expansion of our training and program initiatives. We want your support so we can continue to be generous with our scholarships in 2024.

These scholarships aren’t just about preparing yoga teachers in our specific trauma-informed approach; they’re about diversifying the voices of those offering yoga. More than 70% of our recipients are either formerly incarcerated or have family members who are currently or formerly incarcerated. 50% are BIPOC, and 57% earn less than $35,000 a year.

But the real magic? These scholarships transform lives; they help people heal from their own trauma, which in turn can help in healing others.