TW: Frankly, any conversation about Prison, Mass Incarceration, and most other topics we cover on the Prison Yoga Project Podcast come with a trigger warning. In this episode, Nechi shares stories of family abuse, early death, and other difficult topics. We feel it is our duty to share this information with you. Listen to this heart-breaking turned beautiful story when you feel resourced.

Embark on an extraordinary journey of resilience and personal transformation as we engage in a heartfelt conversation with Vanessa “Nechi” Gutierrez in this profound podcast episode. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Nechi faced unimaginable hardships during her formative years. Enduring a deeply abusive childhood and the devastating loss of her mother, she found herself trapped in a cycle of violence, yearning for a way to break free.

With immense courage and determination, Nechi made a life-changing decision to move to New York, armed with nothing but her unwavering spirit. Over the span of several decades, she dedicated herself to breaking the chains of violence that had haunted her family for generations. Inspired by her own personal journey and driven by a deep desire to create positive change, Nechi immersed herself in the world of trauma-informed yoga.

Today, Nechi’s impact is felt across New York City as she compassionately facilitates trauma-informed yoga for system-impacted individuals and those with histories of trauma and violence. Through her work, she provides a safe and healing space for individuals to find solace, rediscover their inner strength, and transcend the pain of their past.

Join us as we listen to Nechi’s remarkable story of resilience, hope, and the transformative power of yoga. Discover how one woman’s journey from the depths of adversity has blossomed into a beacon of healing and inspiration for countless others.