Join trauma-sensitive yoga practitioner and advocate Lara Land in an insightful webinar.

Discover how trauma can arise from a single event, the absence of childhood needs, contributing factors, racial-based trauma, and the challenges of recovering from continuous daily traumas. Explore the impact of trauma on the brain and body, and how the stress response can keep individuals in a heightened state of alertness even after the traumatic event has passed. Lara will address hypervigilance and its influence in the yoga space, providing insights into basic triggers that can occur and methods for repairing and creating a safe environment.

Lara Land is a deeply compassionate coach, consultant and yoga teacher trainer specializing in trauma sensitivity. Her work is in helping to heal trauma both subtle and significant and train others to do the same using yoga, meditation, mindfulness and breathing practices. Lara has spent the last 25 years studying and sharing yoga asana, chanting, meditation, and philosophy directly from her teachers in India. Her commitment is to honor the traditions of yoga by responding to the needs of each individual, using a unique combination of practices and techniques that are appropriate for their personal growth.

She is the author of The Essential Guide to Trauma Sensitive Yoga and the host of the Beyond Trauma Podcast.

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