We appreciate how holistic this approach sounds, offering yoga not just to the students, but to the staff and families as well. And professional development so teachers, coaches, social workers, librarians, and nurses can incorporate the practices in what they do! Right on LCPS!

“We offer all staff members access to two free yoga classes a week,” said LCPS Staff Wellness Specialist Ariel Amendola.

“We have also offered professional developments for staff to learn these practices. Teacher, coaches, social workers, librarians and nurses, they all can incorporate mindful movement and breathing for themselves and students in their day,” Amendola said.

The partnership has also created Mindful Movement program for students, families and staff, “where anyone can tune into live-stream sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays according to grade level,” Amendola said. “We will eventually post these recorded sessions to our Enrichment Channel on YouTube for all the LCPS community to utilize at their convenience.