What is Restorative Justice?

Restorative Justice

Punitive Justice causes more harm than it prevents. It harms incarcerated people, people working in the system, and their families and communities. It punishes addiction and mental illness rather than providing treatment for those who cannot afford private care. Punitive Justice systems place the offender at the center of the process, seeking only punishment for […]

Bringing Yoga to Incarcerated Mothers with Yogi Scholar, Dr. Jennifer Bourgeois

PYP Podcast

This week on our interview-based podcast, we welcome Dr. Jennifer Bourgeois, a professor of Criminal Justice and a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Justice Research. She is also a facilitator for Prison Yoga Project! We were so lucky to sit down with Dr. Jenn and learn more about her work and incredible commitment to […]

The Origin of Prison Yoga Project’s Book Program

How did Prison Yoga Project’s Book Program get started? “I had been teaching yoga at San Quentin for seven years, and a number of my students had been released and wanted to continue practicing. This was the original motivation for writing the book. I’d seen the positive impact yoga was having with the men and […]

PYP Participant Testimonials

PYP Testimonials

Prison Yoga Project directly and positively impacts the daily lives of incarcerated women and men across the country. We are proud to support the people we serve and those who serve with us in their ability to connect with their higher selves. Read some of the testimonials throughout the years: “I have back and neck […]

Transitions: A Journey of Chaplaincy and Yoga in Ireland’s Prisons with Gillian Hick

PYP Podcast

Have you wanted to learn about transformative programming around the world? Listen to this inspiring conversation, where we’ll journey alongside Gillian, a chaplain-in-training working in Ireland’s prison system. We dive into chaplaincy, yoga, and transitions as Gillian shares unique steps Ireland takes to support people transitioning back into society after incarceration. Discover how holistic practices […]

Lori Collins – Scholarship Recipient, YTT Graduate, and Facilitator

PYP Lori Collins

Meet Lori Collins, Prison Yoga Project scholarship recipient, YTT graduate, and facilitator. She’s shining example of how your support for our scholarship fund translates into healing for whole communities. More than any other factor, what enables our continued growth is the availability of well-qualified teachers. We awarded over $120,000 in scholarships for our trainings in […]

Emotional Resilience with Sunil Joseph

PYP Podcast

In this episode, we explored powerful aspects of personal growth, healing, and emotional resilience, guided by Sunil Joseph. Drawing upon years of experience and the principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Sunil shared stories and insights that shed light on the transformative power of empathy and self-discovery. As we delved into the transformative power of empathy […]

Advocating for Transformative Programs in Prison with Kenneth Hartman

PYP Podcast

Our guest Kenneth Hartman is an award-winning writer and prison reform activist who serves as the Director of Advocacy for The Transformative In-Prison Workgroup (TPW). TPW, or The Transformative In-Prison Workgroup, is a statewide coalition of over 50 Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) dedicated to providing trauma-informed healing programs in California and New York prisons. Their mission […]

Unveiling Trauma: The Body’s Hidden Stories and Rebuilding Relationships with Lara Land

PYP Podcast

Join trauma-sensitive yoga practitioner and advocate Lara Land in an insightful webinar. Discover how trauma can arise from a single event, the absence of childhood needs, contributing factors, racial-based trauma, and the challenges of recovering from continuous daily traumas. Explore the impact of trauma on the brain and body, and how the stress response can […]